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How to Find Top Notch Tenants?

While “location, location, location” may be the motto of real estate investing, when...
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Out of State and Overseas Investors – How Minimizes Liability and Risk At, we work with a lot of out of town investors,...
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Protecting Your Investment Property

The best way to protect your Atlanta investment property is by hiring an...
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Rental Market Update for the Savvy Investor Today, we’re providing an update on the Atlanta rental...
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Interviewing Property Managers

Interviewing Property Managers Once you decide that it makes more financial sense for you...
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Working With DKRentals Property Management

Now that you have understood the value that a professional property manager can bring to your...
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5 Tips for New Atlanta Landlords

Today, we are sharing some property management tips for landlords who are new to the industry...
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5 Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Atlanta Rental Market

Today, we are talking about why Atlanta is a great investment opportunity. If you are thinking...
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How Much Should You Charge for Rent

When you invest in a rental property, one of the most important things to avoid is a vacancy....
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Watch Out for These 4 Common Tenant Scams in Atlanta

Common Tenant Scams in Atlanta Our modern world has created many technological advancements....
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Self-Management vs. Professional Property Management in Atlanta Some landlords think they can save money by managing their...
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Group of townhomes

How to Choose the Right Property Management Company

Choosing the right property management company for your rental home or commercial...
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