As a landlord looking to grow their business, it’s likely you want to maximize your income while reducing your overall expenses.

To grow your business, you’ll have to keep detailed records of your rental income and expenses, so you always know where each property stands. However, financial accounting and reporting can be a time-consuming task, and if you’re not experienced with financial accounting, it can be overwhelming and you may not even know where to start. As your partner, can provide you with the tools you need to streamline your accounting and reporting services. With our state-of-the-art data center, you can access information about your property at any time and get insights of how each of your properties are performing. If you are interested in streamlining your financial reporting process to maximize your rental income, see how can help.

Maximize Your Rent Revenue with Financial Accounting & Reporting

As your property management business grows, one of the keys to your business’ success is solid property management accounting practices. When you’re running a business that focuses on managing multiple properties, you’ll want a system that can keep on top of your accounting and ensure that your tenants remain on top of their payments and that the property is within budget to maintain profitability.

This is where financial accounting and reporting tool will come in handy. AppFolio, our state-of-the-art property management accounting software will allow you to create custom reports so that you understand each aspect of your properties’ financial past, present and future. You’ll have the ability to access on-demand financial statements, saving both time and paper. Getting the big picture on your investment portfolio will help you maximize your rental income and grow your business.

There are many different aspects of your business that you’ll want to keep track of including rent, maintenance expenses, extra costs, marketing activities, and more. Plus, you’ll want to be able to share this information with owners and stakeholders, so that everyone is informed and understands exactly where the business stands at all times.

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Businessman analyzing a financial chart Financial Accounting & Reporting Portal

To help our clients maximize their rental income, we’ve invested in the best property management software solution. AppFolio Property Manager allows us to provide you information on your property’s performance, so you know where each property stands. The AppFolio Owners Portal system can be securely accessed online at any time.

In the AppFolio, you’ll access detailed statements of your property’s performance for the previous month. Upon your request, we can also supply maintenance invoices and additional reports that you may be interested in. All the data pertinent to your property is safely and securely stored in the cloud and accessible at any time, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week!

You’ll be able to log into our state-of-the-art portal system with your email address and password. Our team will be able to assist you if you have trouble logging in or questions while navigating the portal.

Trust to Help Maximize Your Rental Income

As a leader in property management for over a decade in Atlanta, GA, is the premier property management company for Norcross, Stone Mountain, Marietta, and the surrounding areas. We have a complete understanding of the Atlanta market and specialize in comprehensive property management services for duplexes, quads, townhomes, condos, and single-family homes.

We started on the owner/investment side by owning multiple rental properties in the Atlanta area. This has given us unique insight into the Atlanta rental market industry. With our background, we can help our clients with their rental property business where they need it the most and make recommendations that help their business grow.

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Our mission is to help landlords and property managers save time and money while maximizing on their investment. In addition to our financial accounting and reporting services, we provide full property management services including tenant management, tenant screening, timely rent collection, and regular maintenance and emergency repairs.


At, we offer a number of other property management services

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Property Management professional property management services are designed to protect and enhance the value of your property.
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Leasing Management can assist with all your leasing needs and ensure your rental property is leased in the shortest time possible.
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Tenant Screening
Finding the right tenants for your properties will help you avoid problematic tenants that don’t pay their rent or have a criminal past.
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Property Maintenance provides comprehensive rental property maintenance services, so you can cut costs and boost tenant satisfaction.
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Financial Reporting
If you are interested in streamlining your financial reporting process to maximize your rental income, see how can help.
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Rent Collection
With our online rent collection portal allows residents to make payments easily online through cash, E-check, or credit card.

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