Out of State and Overseas Investors – How DKRentals.net Minimizes Liability and Risk

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At DKRentals.net, we work with a lot of out of town investors, and the biggest concern that rental property owners have is that they cannot drive by the property and get a look at how things are going. That creates a little bit of tension.

Owner Portals – Payments

The solution is an owner portal. We leverage our owner portals fully so that there is real time transparency throughout the management process. As soon as rent payments are received, those are entered into our property management software and owners can see it on their owner portals.

Owner Portals – Maintenance

Out of town investors can also keep up with any work orders. All maintenance and repairs are available online, and we don’t make just the work order visible. We also include all the back-up documentation, including the tenants initial request, invoices and notes. If there’s a plumbing repair that is needed at the property, owners can log into their portal and see the charge. You will also be able to see the original invoice from the plumber, as well as the work order signed off by the tenant to verify that the work has been done. In some cases, we are able to provide supplemental photos too. This helps the overseas investors and out of town landlords see what is going on with their investment portfolio. There will never be any surprises.

Owner Portals – Run Statements

Another benefit to the owner portal is that it allows the investor to do profit and loss statements by property across their entire portfolio. You can download these reports into excel.

Out of State and Overseas Investors – How DKRentals.net Minimizes Liability and RiskThe owner portal is a tool we use, and leveraging this tool is the way that someone overseas can see what is going on and have access to the information 24/7.

If you have any questions about how to manage property from out of town, please contact us at DKRentals.net.

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