AppFolio User Conference 2018

Greetings from Santa Barbara!  This week I am at the AppFolio User’s Conference.  AppFolio is the property management software tool we use to run our business.  Each year I look forward to this conference not just because it is held in beautiful Santa Barbara, but to get a glimpse into what new features and functionality […]

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Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your Rental Property

Owning rental homes can be extremely lucrative, but many landlords make the mistake of over investing in expensive renovations without seeing an increase in monthly rental income. It can be hard to increase the appeal of the home without going over budget. Tenants want to feel comfortable and proud of their living space, but at […]

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Why Renter’s Insurance is Important for Tenants

Many renters wrongly assume that their landlord’s insurance policy will cover the cost of damaged property in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately, this is almost never the case. While most homeowners view insurance as a necessity, less than half of American tenants have a renter’s insurance policy. Some feel like they don’t want to […]

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Tips for Finding a Quality Rental Home for Your Family

Tips for Finding a Quality Rental Home for Your Family In a world where remote work, corporate relocating and the desire for change are rapidly increasing, many individuals, couples and families are choosing to rent rather than purchase their home. The flexibility of renting provides many men and women with a sense of freedom that […]

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Tips for Keeping Your Renters Happy

Vacant properties don’t make money. Having empty homes is one of the worst issues that real estate investors face. The process of finding good renters can be long and arduous, which is why when you find tenants who always pay on time and treat your property with respect, it’s important to ensure they are happy […]

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