How to Protect Your Vacant Property from Intrusion

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Having a vacant property can be a headache for landlords. However, if you add burglary and invasion to the scenario, then you might suffer a critical financial blow to your investment. Going months without rent can be frustrating, but it can be even more difficult to find quality tenants for a home that’s just been targeted by local vandals. It may seem silly that someone would rob an empty property, but it’s important to consider just how valuable items like HVAC units, copper pipes and appliances are. And, if the home has no security measures in place, it could be days before the property owner notices. Renovations are expensive undertakings, and you don’t want to risk having your rental house being torn apart. The team at have been helping local Atlanta area property owners keep their investments safe for years. We want our Atlanta communities to remain safe and well protected. Reduce your chances of invasion from burglars and vagrants by using these tips.

Keep the Right Insurance Policy

Having an insurance policy won’t prevent a burglary from occurring, but it can help soften the devastation. Unfortunately, many landlords discover after an emergency, that their current policy doesn’t cover vacant properties. Having the right policies in place means you can be reimbursed for the damage, without being forced to shoulder a heavy financial burden. If you’re unsure whether your policy covers a vacant house invasion, be sure to do your research and discuss available options with your current insurance provider right away.

Three-foot-tall grass and overgrown bushes are a red flag for criminals. Neglecting the yard lets local thieves know that the property isn’t being maintained and is likely empty. Take the target off your rental home by taking care of the yard. Hiring landscape professionals may seem like an unnecessary expense, however a mowed lawn and pruned shrubs go a long way in avoiding an invasion. Doing so also helps improve the curb appeal of the property and raises your chances of attracting tenants more quickly.

Install High Security Locks

The knobs and deadbolts that come standard with home construction often only meet the minimum standards. Even novice criminals now have easy access to internet tutorials and cheap lock picking tools, and can easily break in to a regular pin and tumbler in just a few seconds. While insurance and security systems can help after an invasion, quality locks are usually the only thing standing between the thieves and the inside of your rental property. For a relatively small investment, you can purchase high security locks for your entry doors and windows. Most criminals are looking for an easy target. If they realize that your property is going to be difficult to enter, they’ll likely move on to a different home.

Use a Quality Security System

You might also want to consider installing a security system. This will increase your chances of apprehending the burglars and getting your stolen property back. Including security cameras can make it easier to identify suspects, and motion sensor outdoor lights can discourage criminal activity on your property. It can also be an extra incentive for tenants who are concerned about the security and safety of their valuables and loved ones.

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