Tips for Finding a Quality Rental Home for Your Family

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Tips for Finding a Quality Rental Home for Your Family

In a world where remote work, corporate relocating and the desire for change are rapidly increasing, many individuals, couples and families are choosing to rent rather than purchase their home. The flexibility of renting provides many men and women with a sense of freedom that can be hard to feel when weighed down by an expensive mortgage. However, the headache and hassle of finding a new place to lay your head can feel overwhelming and extremely stressful, especially if relocating to an unfamiliar city. It can be difficult to avoid scam artists and to find a property that will suit both your ideal lifestyle and your budget. At, our property management team has helped many happy renters find homes in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta, Norcross and other nearby Metro area neighborhoods. Here are a few tips we’ve learned that can help you find the rental home of your dreams.

Know Your Budget

The first step is to analyze your finances. It can be easy for property owners to dazzle you with their luxurious homes, and wrap you into a lease you know you can’t afford. Having negative rental history can severely limit your chances of finding quality properties to rent in the future, so late payments and evictions should always be avoided. Make sure to start your journey with a solid rental rate in mind so you can stand strong when eager landlord’s may attempt to sway you.

Research Local Neighborhoods

This step is particularly important if you’re moving to another city or state. You may find a beautiful, affordable home online only to discover afterward that you’re living in an area with the highest crime rate. The importance is emphasized even more if you have a family and you want your children to go to the best schools. Search news articles, forums and city data records for more information about the community surrounding the homes on your list. You can also contact the local police department and get expert advice on which neighborhoods are ideal.

Use a Reputable Property Management Company

A great way to protect yourself from untrustworthy or inexperienced landlords is to find your next home through a property management company. Professional management teams like those at are highly trained and work with the best property owners in the area. When you have a property management company on your side, you won’t need to worry about difficult payment methods, neglected maintenance requests, or intrusive and unprofessional landlords. The application process for renting can be expensive and cumbersome, especially when you’re busy working full time, raising a family and preparing for a big move. When you go through a property management company, you’ll only need to go through the application process one time, yet you’ll gain access to multiple premium properties. You’ll also avoid multiple deposits, application fees and credit checks. Save time and money and find a dependable property management firm like in your new city.

Tour Homes in Person

If possible, you should try to see the property in person. The landlord may take great pictures, but aren’t likely to show the extensive water damage in the basement or disclose that the master bedroom doesn’t have any outlets. Touring the home gives you a chance to check out the details, ask important questions and visualize yourself in the space before making a final decision. If you live far away from your new home you might consider taking a trip and spending a few days with a property manager who can take you to several properties in a short amount of time. It may seem like an extra expense and hassle, but getting to know your new city and see the homes in person could save you a lot of anxiety and money in the long run.

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