Why Work with an Atlanta Property Management Company that Doesn’t Do Sales

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When you’re looking for a property management company in Atlanta, make sure you choose one that focuses on property management, and not on real estate sales. There are a few important reasons for why you want to make this distinction.

Property Management Expertise

The analogy we like to use is medical. If you have a heart issue, you wouldn’t call your dentist. They are both doctors, but you want someone who specializes in the field that you need treatment. It’s the same with property management. In Georgia, all property managers have to be licensed real estate agents, just like those agents who sell properties. However, the two fields are very different. If you’re looking for a property manager, you need a professional with that core competency.

Finding Core Competencies

Determining a company’s core competency is not difficult. Simply go to the homepage of the company’s website. If all they talk about is listing properties on the sales market or helping homeowners buy a new house, then you know their focus is on sales. If the homepage shows the business talking about renting houses and lists the vacancies for rent, then you can be pretty certain that property management is their core competency.

Legal Knowledge

This distinction is important, because tenancy law is very complex. As a landlord, it’s important that you know the intricacies of tenancy laws as they apply to leases, your processes and procedures, evictions, and all those things that will come up during the course of a tenancy. A property manager is going to know about how to handle those situations, but Why Work with an Atlanta Property Management Company that Doesn’t Do Salessomeone who spends all their time on sales is not.

Make sure the company you choose is a property management company, and not a sales focused company. If you have any questions about residential property management in metro Atlanta, please contact us at DKRentals.net.

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