Landscaping Techniques that Can Help Attract Great Renters

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Landscaping Techniques that Can Help Attract Great Renters

Curb appeal is a major factor for many home renters. People want to take pride in their house, even when they aren’t owners. It can be frustrating for some families who want to have beautiful yards, but feel uncomfortable making significant changes to a property that doesn’t belong to them. If you want to attract premium tenants, it’s important that your landscaping is suitable to their tastes. Consider that people will likely have family and friends visiting their home often, and won’t want their loved ones to cringe when they see an unkempt or sparse front lawn. Also, families with children will want a safe, and comfortable area for their children to play in the backyard, and a pretty space to entertain outside during the spring and summer months. Many landlords prefer to ignore landscaping, and view it as an unnecessary expense. However, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, or take too much time if you choose the right plants and techniques. At, we have helped many landlords in Atlanta, Roswell, Cumming, Alpharetta, Norcross, Stone Mountain, Marietta, College Park and other Metro Atlanta cities manage their rental homes. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about landscaping and yard management, and the benefits of keeping your property looking great. Here are a few tips that can help you create the perfect yard for your rental property.

Provide Enough Shade with Trees and Pagodas

People want to be outside more often when the weather is nice. However, spring and summer also mean higher temperatures, and some people are very sensitive to sun exposure. Having a nice shade tree or simple pagoda can provide the perfect outdoor escape from the sweltering sun.

Use Colorful Plants that are Easy to Care For

You don’t need to include a large variety of plants to create a beautiful landscape. A few well-placed flower beds and an ornamental tree is all you need to add a splash of color. Be sure to choose varieties that are easy to care for.

Include Hardscaping Where Possible

While having a large, lush field of green grass may appeal to some homeowners, renters sometimes prefer to keep it simple. The more hardscaping is used, the less mowing is required. Best of all, using the right techniques can increase the property value and provide extra space to entertain. Some examples of hardscaping are:

  • rock, concrete or brick walkways
  • swimming pools, spas and saunas
  • patios and decks
  • beds of gravel
  • outdoor kitchens and fire pits

Keep Maintenance Low

Not all renters enjoy performing regular yard maintenance. When tenants procrastinate important yard work like mowing and pruning, they can decrease the value of the property and anger neighboring homeowners who want to keep their community looking its best. It’s for this reason that some landlords prefer to take care of the landscaping as part of their lease agreement, and hire a professional company for routine tasks. Either way, planting easy to care for grass, flowers, shrubs and trees will make it easier for renters to take care of the property while living there. And, if you prefer to provide yard maintenance services, you’ll save money along the way and reduce the amount of work necessary between tenants.

Provide a Space for Gardening

While some families loath yard duty, others thrive on putting their green thumbs to good use. Many property owners forget that their renters may enjoy gardening and neglect to provide a proper space for doing so. There have been countless landlords disappointed to find that the beautiful new grass they installed a year ago was dug up by an enthusiastic gardener. Provide a few raised beds, or a small garden plot where your renters can grow ornamental flowers or vegetables without harming all your hard work.

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Managing rental properties requires a lot of time and dedication. Many landlords are busy trying to juggle their day job, family responsibilities and taking care of their rental homes or office spaces. Are you ready to get back some flexibility in your life while increasing your income and attracting premium tenants? Call the experts at today and find out how we can help you.

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