Save Time & Money with Property Management

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One of the best reasons to hire a property manager is to save time and money. Most investors have other things going on with their own careers, family responsibilities or recreational pursuits. Leaving the management of your rental property to experienced experts in the industry is a smart decision.

Less Vacancy = More Income

A property manager will get your house rented out fast. That means you’ll have less down time, and you’ll have rental income coming in sooner. A good property manager rents your house quickly by utilizing online resources. For example, our own site gets over 3,000 hits per month. It’s hard to get that many people visiting your website if you only own one or two properties.

Property managers are able to leverage other tools as well, such as the FMLS, the Georgia MLS,,,, and You may not have access to all those sites and even if you do, you probably don’t have the time to get your listing onto all of them. A professional property manager can get you more exposure which in turn rents your house faster.

On Time Rent Collection

Property managers save you time by collecting rent. We can afford innovative technology and tools like tenant portals, where tenants can pay their rent online. This is much easier than collecting checks.

With an online system, tenants can pay by credit card, debit card or use electronic check information. You’ll have a better chance of collecting rent on time this way. Property managers are also more proactive about calling, texting and emailing tenants who are late in order to get that rent paid. Atlanta Property Management

Evicting Bad Tenants

A property management company will get rid of your bad tenants faster. We have relationships within the court system, and we can make sure evictions are filed swiftly and seamlessly. Property managers will put pressure on the tenant to pay or move out, and that saves you a lot of both time and money.

We aren’t emotional about it. Sometimes, landlords can get emotional, especially if they have a relationship with the tenant. You don’t want to give a tenant more time than is legally allowed.

Tax Benefits

Finally, you cannot write off your own time. However, you can write off the management fees charged by your property management company. Any business expense related to your rental property can be written off on your taxes.

Your time and money are important to you, so think about how a professional property manager can save you both and become a valuable member of your investment team .

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