How to Market Your Atlanta Rental Home

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Marketing your rental home properly will ensure it gets rented quickly and to a highly qualified tenant. There are three different options you have when it comes to marketing.


This is pretty low tech, but it really employs guerrilla marketing techniques. That’s the old fashioned sign. Right now, people are talking about the Internet and online marketing, which is important. However, signs should not be downplayed. We find that signs are still very effective. We put them in the yard, we put them on the street corner and we put them at the entrance to subdivisions. The idea is to get your phone ringing with potential applicants. Renters are different from buyers. They will be walking or driving through the neighborhood, looking for places to rent. It’s important to have good signs. Have them pre-made and professional. You don’t want to resort to scribbles on a piece of cardboard. If you have a great sign, people will anticipate you have a great property.


There are a lot of websites you can advertise on, and the goal is to reach as many people as possible. At, we like to use Trulia, Zillow, HotPads, and all the other sites that generate tons of Internet leads. Usually, you’ll get an email from someone who wants more information. Respond quickly, while the lead is hot. If you have multiple properties to rent, get a personal website up and running to showcase those properties. This helps you to cross-sell. We might have someone call about a property and after we give them the information, they might realize it’s not right for them. However, we can always present other properties for them to consider.

Make sure your website is optimized for different technologies. Some people will look at your site on a laptop and others will check it out on their smart phones. A few years ago, this didn’t matter. Today, there will be a lot more people looking at your site on their phones. The website has to optimize for the phone and use location to find nearby properties.

Separate Phone

Get a separate phone line just for your rental properties. You don’t want your personal phone ringing constantly with inquiries about properties. When someone calls, you’ll know that it’s a hot lead and you can be professional. As a landlord, treat every lead like it’s gold. Act quickly and respond right away. Get them into your house. Sometimes, we’ll call about Market your ATL homeproperties because we want to know how our competition looks. It surprises us how often people don’t pick up the phone and sometimes they don’t even return calls. That’s not a good way to get your property rented. Treat those leads well and respond right away.

These are three things you can do to market your Atlanta property and get it rented quickly. If you have any questions, or you’d like to hear more tips, please contact us at

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